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Originally from the Sologne region of France, famous for its wooded areas, its abundant game and its sporting estates, I grew up among hunting trophies and other curiosities. There, I also developed a real fascination for wild animals, which I met daily in their natural habitat. Having now been a city dweller for many years, I observe – and deplore – the absence of the animal kingdom in the city, as well as its extreme fragility in nature. 


Road accidents are the number one cause of wildlife mortality. This fact has been at the center of my creative process for close to seven years. Using taxidermy to explore fashion and accessory design, as well as installation art, I salvage and transform animals found on the side of the road. By reactivating this organic material, I aim to uncover the duality at the core of our humanity: what fascinates and repulses us, submitting or rebelling against established morals. 


The acceptance of the animal soul is the condition of the unification of the individual, and of the fullness of its fulfillment" psychiatrist Carl Jung tells us. What are they really? How close – how far – are we related? How does society handle their presence in our lives? What symbolic, aesthetic or moral values are assigned to them? These questions feed my work and my research. Far from offering answers, I extend an invitation to the spectator to follow into this investigation. In this collection, the animal is summoned to expose our vanity and our daily collective responsibility. My aim is to enable humans to identify with their neighbors, jeopardized by consumerism and the expansion of human territories. To my mind, identifying with animals represents a real necessity in order to preserve them and thereby addressing the issue of our own survival. 


Sylvain Wavrant